Does My Small Business Really Need an eCommerce Website?

Discover why an eCommerce website is essential for small businesses. From reaching a wider audience to predicting revenue, learn how an online store can boost your sales and growth. Don't miss out on potential customers – invest in an eCommerce site today.

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Considering an eCommerce website? When was the last time you made a purchase in person? Did you walk into a store while on vacation? Perhaps your BFF took you to a new side of town. Maybe you found your new favorite artist at an art event. How did you pay for those items? Cash? Card? CashApp?

You may think that creating an eCommerce site for your little business is more hassle than it’s worth. It’s too expensive, you think. We’d like to assure you that an online storefront for your small business is worth every penny—and it doesn’t cost as much as you think

So many small business owners take credit card numbers over the phone—or worse, on a printed form someone downloaded online. Stop. With love and respect, we ask you to stop the madness. It opens you up to liability and it is a huge time suck. You’re already busy enough, right? 

If you want to scale your small business sales, you really do need an eCommerce website. It’s that simple.

“Never write down credit card numbers for over-the-phone transactions. Enter all information directly into a terminal.” DuploCloud

Who Needs an eCommerce Website?

Who needs an eCommerce website? You Do. 

Did you know that, according to Zippia, 81% of shoppers research a brand before making a purchase? A Whopping 99% of consumers use online search to find businesses. Yet 27% of small businesses don’t have a website at all. That is an insanely large number of small businesses missing out on revenue.

Any small business that wants to gain a local following, allow purchasing options online, and is ready to grow with a salesperson who doesn’t go on vacation needs an eCommerce website. 

Take out all the fluff? Okay. We’ll say it. 

If you want to grow your revenue, you need an eCommerce website.

Worldwide retail giant TJ Maxx (TK Maxx in the EU) is built on the consumer urge to hunt for the best brands at the best price. This causes people to visit their local stores 2-5 times a week. And even they finally allowed online shopping again in 2013, albeit with limited inventory. 

All businesses need a website. A small business with an eCommerce website can scale its revenue growth without a proportionate staff. And that just makes sense. 

“Low startup costs (compared with opening a physical store) give entrepreneurs easy access to the B2C eCommerce sector. That’s why competition here can be tough.” Semrush

What Qualifies as an eCommerce Business?

Any business that accepts digital payments is an eCommerce business. This may be in person, to a certain degree, like popup markets. Now an archaic term, the “e” in eCommerce means you sell online. And selling online means you have an eCommerce website.

Some small businesses sell on a marketplace like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon. But selling on your own WordPress website with a payment gateway like Stripe (as opposed to an old-fashioned merchant account) is the way to get your business into the 21st century.

“Although merchant accounts have historically enabled businesses to process customer payments, they come with their own set of cons that speak to the slowness, difficulty, and relative risk associated with conventional (read: pre-tech and now rapidly becoming outdated) payment processing methods.” Stripe

And it isn’t just “the older generations” that have trouble getting online. Many GenZ creatives are starting their shops, yet with limited online offerings. Why? Well, we’d like to think hiring an experienced WooCommerce developer would give small business owners the freedom to be creative.

Hiring an expert allows you to do what you do best. Let the website do the rest.

Is eCommerce Good for Small Business?

Yes, eCommerce is good for small businesses. It allows you to gain consumers without relying upon foot traffic. Instead, it will rely upon good SEO, a great eCommerce structure, and the quality of your products. 

Small businesses benefit from eCommerce’s low operating costs. It gives you sticky customers. A walk-in customer can now subscribe to your monthly spa plan online. Now you can predict revenue from that customer as part of your MRR. 

Your accounting firm can charge for tax prep online instead of waiting for paper checks to clear. Your beachside gift shop can sell outside your area—a clear advantage for tourist-dependent areas.

The big risk is the loss of new business without an eCommerce option.

“According to Red Egg Marketing, 82.76% of customers would rather shop locally, but they don’t always have the opportunity unless those stores have an online presence.” Adobe

Need an eCommerce Site? Hire a Local WebDev.

WebDevs build eCommerce sites. We rebuild websites and online shops. We design eCommerce websites. We even fix the websites you broke (it happens). 

Choose an experienced eCommerce agency that has your back and the reputation to prove it. We want to partner with you to make your online store a success.

Let’s book a call today.

Picture of Butch Ewing

Butch Ewing

I'm your new best friend. A human that uses technology to help businesses grow. (I'm also working on an AI startup in stealth mode 🤫)Let's be social on Twitter and LinkedIn
Picture of Butch Ewing

Butch Ewing

I'm your new best friend. A human that uses technology to help businesses grow. (I'm also working on an AI startup in stealth mode 🤫)Let's be social on Twitter and LinkedIn