Rev Up Your Small Business SEO: The eCommerce Advantage

Discover the power of eCommerce in boosting your SEO! Learn 8 key eCommerce advantages, from product descriptions to rich snippets, to elevate your online visibility and sales.

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Are you familiar with The eCommerce Advantage? When you think of online shopping, you probably think of Amazon. Coming close behind them is another online shopping company you have also probably heard of, Alibaba. For the sheer volume of sales, these two companies dominate the online shopping world. They are also two of the most visible.

If you’re visible, people can buy things from you. That’s the same whether you are a street vendor or an international company. If people haven’t heard of you, they can’t purchase from you, talk with you, or even meet you. 

Being seen is core to SEO. SEO is about getting in front of people who have never heard your name.

“SEO helps funnel in new buyers that are more likely to buy from you. SEO enables you to gain the trust and confidence of online buyers, and thus increases their lifetime value to your business.” Alibaba

Why is eCommerce So Important for SEO?

If you think about search engines, you probably think about Google and Bing – maybe even Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. If you need to find the answer to your problem, a search engine will probably have an answer. You can also ask Alexa. Or your mom.

However, there are other ways to search for things. You might ask your friends, or look in the paper, or the bulletin board at your local store or community center. You can also go right to the source. Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and YouTube are also search engines. 

We usually go to specific platforms to find what we want when we’re ready to compare prices, check product specs, and buy. Who searches on Google for sneakers? 

During the information-gathering phase of our shopping journey, we might go to Google, but if we are ready to buy? We’ll probably go straight to our favorite online store to begin our search.

That’s the 30,000-foot view. Here are nine ways eCommerce helps your SEO. Eight of them are free!

eCommerce Advantage 1: No Code 

This is an easy one. From Facebook MarketPlace to eBay and countless others, there are many options available to you if you don’t want to build your own shop. It’s not a knockout.

You can create online shops using Shopify, Squarespace, or Weebly, to name just three. You can also simply add shop functionality to your WordPress website by using a plugin like WooCommerce

Don’t let fear of code or lack of budget stop you from selling.

eCommerce Advantage 2: Greater Reach

That’s it. That’s the win. You will reach more people with an online shop. Period. 

Why? More stuff. More pages. More social proof. More ways to connect within the customer journey. Enough said. Details below. 

eCommerce Advantage 3: Product Description

Product pages are a great addition to your website content. You can connect them with your blog posts, too. Go to your favorite online shop and click on a product. What do you see?

  • Product Headline
  • Product Description
  • Categories and Filters 
  • Product Images
  • Product Videos
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • A product page is a treasure trove of keywords, too!

Product pages are the meeting point of customers regardless of where they are in the customer journey. Information-gatherers, price-checkers, decision-makers, and advocates all come to your eCommerce product pages. Best of all, this is traffic you can analyze! Do you really not want this sort of action? 

eCommerce Advantage 4: Store Process = Longer Connection 

How long does the average visitor stay on your page? Three seconds? Ten? Are you offering a free download? How many clicks does that take? One?

Why not take the opportunity of gathering an email and giving your visitor a short tour of your website and get some more clicks? Maybe they see something else they like.

  • Drop the free download into the basket.
  • Enter an email address.
  • Confirm the “purchase.”
  • Download.

Someone interested in you and your product will take the extra 20 seconds to click through the process.

Want to see this in action

eCommerce Advantage 5: More Page Types

No page is like another. A simple page is fine, but is it a Landing Page? Is it a Product Page? No. It’s just a page, waiting for a visitor, hoping they will show their love by scrolling down.

  • eCommerce gives us other pages, too. Why not use them?
  • Landing Pages: for conversions and lead generation
  • Content Hubs: for displaying all products in a category or articles covering a subject
  • Product pages: for added SEO win (see above)
  • Checkout pages: for data collection and perhaps another item in the cart

Longer time on site. More SEO possibilities. More connection opportunities with our visitors. More internal linking potential within our site. 

Why are you still using vanilla pages?

eCommerce Advantage 6: Keywords

How do keywords give eCommerce an advantage? Here’s an example. Your customer is searching for a new washing machine. You wrote an article about washing machines, but you don’t sell them. You’re limited on how long people will stay on your website, or how many ways they can find you. You don’t have a product page. Yet.

Check out some of the keywords you can use on a washing machine product page:

  • washing machine
  • washing machine Siemens (brand)
  • washing machine eco-friendly (extras)
  • washing machine 10kg 30l capacity (specs)
  • washing machine price
  • washing machine color
  • washing machine – used, free delivery, installed, under the counter (more extras)
  • washing machine function, award winner, features

That’s just the beginning. You can add keywords to your images, videos, downloads, internal links, product specs—anything, really. Just be careful with your keyword power pack. There is such a thing as Keyword Cannibalism.

“If you optimize your articles for similar terms, your rankings might suffer from keyword cannibalization: you’ll be ‘devouring’ your own chances to rank in Google!“ Yoast

So a word to the wise: Just as categories and tags can cannibalize your content’s keywords, so can products.

eCommerce Advantage 7: Storytelling

Everyone knows Nike doesn’t sell sportswear. They sell “doing sports.” Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee, they sell “tribal identity.” Villeroy & Boch don’t sell porcelain, they sell “Home Wellness.” How do they do this? Through storytelling.

We love storytelling. It’s the oldest way we have as a species to communicate. When we find a story we identify with, we connect with it. We call that Brand Affinity. We buy the story, and we feel good, safe, and motivated.

If you don’t believe us, go to Patagonia and look at their website menu.

Products enable us to tell stories that rise above and beyond the product itself. That’s something we can use to help market not what we sell but who we are. It’s stickiness, and it’s worth so much more than the products we sell. It’s evergreen.

Best of all, storytelling is interactive! Make it meaningful enough that people share it to enhance your social proof and social traffic.

eCommerce Advantage 8: Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

Sure, you can use schema markup to generate rich snippets without an online shop, but why not go the distance? Rich snippets are more visible in organic search than non-rich snippets.

Visibility = more attention = more clicks.

“Structured data isn’t going to impact your SEO directly. It will, however, provide you the best opportunity for rich snippets, which can help improve click-through rates and conversions, and ultimately, these elements can have a flow-on effect for SEO.” Search Engine Journal

What can you include in your rich snippet? Only a lot!

  • Product Name
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Brand
  • Product Description
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Seller Information
  • Product Category
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Product ID: An identifier, such as a UPC or EAN
  • Shipping Information
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Payment Methods
  • Location and Contact Information
  • Additional Features
  • Video Thumbnails

eCommerce Advantage 9: Shopping Ads on Google

We left this to the end because shopping ads on Google is the one eCommerce SEO advantage that costs you money. 

The Google Shopping product search is an increasingly important part of the Google Ads advertising program, especially for eCommerce. 

These product ads appear both within the normal web search and in the explicit product search, which can be reached via the Shopping tab. 

But Google Shopping ads require a Merchant Center account. No worries. You got this. After creating your Merchant Center Account, add a product feed (a sitemap of products with all attributes). Or you could always hire an expert. Hint. Hint.

Need an eCommerce Site? Hire a Local WebDev.

WebDevs build eCommerce sites. We rebuild websites and online shops. We design eCommerce websites. We even fix the websites you broke (it happens). 

Choose an experienced eCommerce agency that has your back and the reputation to prove it. We want to partner with you to make your online store a success.

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Butch Ewing

I'm your new best friend. A human that uses technology to help businesses grow. (I'm also working on an AI startup in stealth mode 🤫)Let's be social on Twitter and LinkedIn
Picture of Butch Ewing

Butch Ewing

I'm your new best friend. A human that uses technology to help businesses grow. (I'm also working on an AI startup in stealth mode 🤫)Let's be social on Twitter and LinkedIn